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Beyond the Classroom

Your education may start in a classroom, but that’s just the beginning. Whether you choose a single, laser-focused path or want to explore multiple—we’ll help set you up for success. The academic opportunities, close faculty mentorships and real-world experiences you get at NKU will create a path that’s as unique as you are.

The College of Arts & Sciences utilizes real-world experiences and the following programs to help you enhance your education and guide your interests:

Education Abroad & Study Away

Learning should not be confined to the classroom. The College of Arts & Sciences offers various courses and programs both abroad and in the US (commonly referred to as ‘study away.’) In collaboration with the Office of Education Abroad, students in the college can spend semesters studying in other countries or take part in short-term trips to numerous destinations.

Career and Graduate School Readiness

In the College of Arts & Sciences, you build the skills you need for a future you love with a program you’re passionate about. Learn more about how we encourage and prepare you for future careers and graduate school.

Student Organizations

All of our departments sponsor and support student organizations. In addition to promoting their program of study, they bring students together outside the classroom to share common interests, challenge themselves, and make connections in the community and across the world.

Research & Creative Scholarly Work Resources

The College of Arts & Sciences offers several internal grant opportuntities to fund research and creative activities involving students and faculty.


Brittany Smart


Graduating Year: 2016 and 2019

Education: BA in English – Writing Studies Track; MA in English

Career: PhD candidate and Assistant Director of Creative Writing at the University of Louisville

"Don’t give up! Everything seems overwhelming at first, because you are learning a new language (the language of graduate-level academic theory and research). It doesn’t mean you don’t belong, or you’re behind—you’re just learning along with everyone else. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Your professors are there to help mentor and guide you, and you will get so much more out of the program if you let yourself be open and vulnerable with your supportive academic community. Lastly, this is such an excellent time to network and make connections with people—especially if you are interested in publishing or pursuing a Ph.D. Go out of your comfort zone and take risks! It will be so much more rewarding in the long run."

What they do: Earning her doctorate in writing and composition, helping with all of the visiting writer events, and teaching creative writing.

Necessary job skills: Writing and communication skills; research skills; problem-solving and project-based skills.

Career path: College professor.