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Big Decision

The admission and registration process for new students and their families can be overwhelming. Choosing the right college is one of the most exciting and difficult decisions your student will ever make. You want them to choose a school that is safe, affordable and has a reputation for academic excellence. Research shows parents are among the most influential people in a teenager's life—especially when it comes to educational and career choices.

Student Success

The Art & Design Program prepares talented studio artists, designers, art educators and art historians. In the words of one design industry internship supervisor, NKU students possess the desired skills and training to "think outside the box," a quality greatly valued by employers and galleries alike. The faculty and staff in Art & Design have an unwavering commitment to excellence in the classroom and studio.

We prepare critical thinkers who understand transdisciplinary collaboration needed in today's workforce. We help students expand their understanding of the arts, including the careers available to creative professionals. A $760 billion annual arts economy exists in our world today and we help prepare and connect students to this world.


The cornerstone of Northern Kentucky University is delivering exceptional student-centered learning at an affordable cost. The Art & Design Program builds upon this mission with excellence, innovation, inclusiveness, integrity and with a high return on your investment.

Art & Design stands out as a program of distinction, attracting students to our highly regarded department but for thousands of dollars less than other art schools in the region.

Our faculty and alumni have networks throughout the greater Cincinnati area that include internship, job and exhibition opportunities.