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Course Title: Common Wetland Plants Identification Course

Course Mission:  This training will encompass why learning wetland plants is important for those involved in wetland profession and associated fields.  Wetland plant id is a necessary step to learn to correctly identify wetlands.  Many wetland management and assessment methods are dependent on identifying wetland plant species. Course is focused on the common wetland plant species found in the ACOE Eastern Mountains and Piedmont (EMP) Region, as well as the Midwest.

Course Timeline: 3-day course (25 hrs).  Course will be 1 day in classroom and 2 days in field training.  Course will require travel to diverse wetland sites in addition to the St. Anne’s field station.

Date: June 19 – 21, 2024

Cost: $800 professional; $400 NKU student; $480 non-NKU student

Registration: Click Here

Course Materials: Provided

Course Objectives:

·       Ability to id (scientific and common name) and learn characteristics of common wetland plant species of the EMP and Midwest

·      Learn wetland or habitat indicators for wetland plant species

·      Become familiar with a variety of wetland plants

·      Learn to determine if a site satisfies hydrophytic vegetation requirements

·      Become familiar with emergent, shrub, and forested wetland plant communities

·      Learn characteristics of wetland plant morphology

·      Use of taxonomic keys

·      Learn online and literature reference materials useful in wetland plant id

Reminder: Dress appropriately for weather and mosquitos.