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Founded in 1995, the Anthropology Alumni Club is open to all graduates of the NKU anthropology program, including those who majored or minored or had a concentration in:

  • Ancient Civilizations,
  • Anthropology,
  • Applied Cultural Studies,
  • Archaeology,
  • Celtic Studies,
  • Evolutionary Studies, or
  • Native American Studies.

There are no dues, and membership is free. Currently, there are more than 80 members registered online.

The club participates in careers workshops and other events attended by current anthropology majors in order to network with these students. Alumni are encouraged to sign up for the Anthropology Alumni Club at the new Alumni Connect community at NKU.

Our Presidents:

  • President, 1995-96: Rose Pfaff
  • President, 1996-97: Lionel Reed
  • President, 1997-98: Tom Donnelly
  • President, 1998-99: Lin Cohorn
  • President, 1999-2006: Tom Donnelly
  • President, 2006-date: Eric Bates

Anthropology Winners of NKU Alumni Association Awards

  • Deborah L. McKibben Williamson ‘82
  • Jeannine O. Kreinbrink ‘80
  • Mark Jacobs ‘84
  • Thomas C. Donnelly '78
  • Gregory E. Rust '78
  • Kimber L. Griffin Fender '81
  • Rose Drees Kluth '86

For more information, please contact our current faculty sponsor(s).