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Welcome to Art Minors Advising.

This Art Minors webpage is meant to help you understand more about our minor offerings, how to declare a minor and register for art courses.

Thank you for your interest in Art & Design and creative practice. In the School of the Arts we focus on cultivating your individuality and unique talents. Connection is our foundation. Art connects us and through art we connect people, ideas and change. We are a thriving, inclusive and collaborative community of like-minded individuals united by our creative pursuits.

Let’s reach new creative heights together.

Our award winning faculty and staff have curated a comprehensive minor curriculum that cultivate creative and essential skills in preparation for the real world and life-long achievement.


1. Choose a minor

2. Declare your minor

How to declare major/minor

3. Put courses in your Registration Cart

4. Permit requests

After you arrange your schedule in your cart, you may need a permit for registration. If so, please reach out to your advisor to help provide a course permit.  

Registering for Classes

Art & Design regards advising as an evolving process in which advisor and student must work together to address concerns and answer questions. Advising involves much more than informing the student as to what courses to take. It inherently includes:

  • Active listening on the part of the advisor and advisee
  • Focusing your undivided attention on the advising meeting
  • Assisting the advisee in pursuing his/her goals and making concrete decisions that will produce desired results


Link to your catalog year to find your minor requirements (located at the bottom of the pages).