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The world language courses offered at NKU are taken by students who:

  • Seek a broader knowledge of cultures and literatures other than their own
  • Wish to prepare for specific careers or professions that demand competence in a world language
  • Seek to enter graduate or professional schools that require reading ability in a world language

No course in the 101/102/201/202 sequence in any language can be taken for credit by a student who has already received credit for this course or a higher-numbered course in this sequence or any upper-division course in the same language.

Initial placement in French, German, Italian, or Spanish must be in accord with departmental placement guidelines.

The WebCAPE placement test is required. Retroactive credit through the World Language Incentive Program may be available for students who enroll in courses in these languages at a level higher than 101.

Placement above or below the range specified in the guidelines requires approval of the appropriate department representative. Students whose placement does not reflect departmental guidelines may be removed from a course.