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photos of bridges in Paris, Berlin, & Córdoba

Above: photos of bridges in Paris, Berlin, & Córdoba

There are two types of awards available: those that promote study abroad and those that recognize the achievements of outstanding students in World Languages and Literatures.  If you are applying for more than one award, please be aware that each award has its own schedule of deadlines.

Awards for Study Abroad

There are three awards specifically available for World Languages and Literatures students wishing to study abroad.  Click on the name of each award for more information. 

Carol's Peripatetic Scholarship

Foreign Language Award for International Study (FLAIS)

World Languages and Literatures Award for German Study Abroad

WLL majors and minors planning to study abroad also often apply for following scholarships:

For additional study abroad scholarships that may be available to you, consult the Scholarships page at the Office of Education Abroad.

Recognition of Student Achievement

Award-winning students

Here's a complete listing of our department's most recent student award-winners.