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Elena Bonitz

Elena Bonitz

Graduating Year: 2023

Education: BA in History

"After three years at NKU, I can truly say that it was a great decision. One of my most memorable courses was "Let's Make Some History: The United Fruit Company." This course introduced me to independent research as I contributed to our digital archive, and it allowed me to present at my first conference. I did all this just in my second semester at NKU! The Department of History has been the ever-supportive backbone to my scholarly career."

Future Goals: Elena is currently pursuing an M.A. in Asian Studies at Indiana University (Bloomington), to further her path towards becoming a college professor.

Alisha Burnett


Graduating Year: 2022

Education: BA in History, with a minor in Black Studies

"After taking a course on the history of the United States through 1877, I felt an inner calling guiding me to attain more. In the spring of 2021, I enrolled in "History of the Underground Railroad," with Dr. Eric Jackson, who is an outstanding role model and professor. That course was an eye-opening experience that allowed me to further grapple with the complex ways the past is still shaping the present. My knowledge on both African American historical figures and White abolitionists who contributed to this fight for freedom expanded drastically."

Current Career: Digital Specialist at the Boone County Public Library and researcher at The Reckoning, a non-profit focused on examining the legacy of slavery in America and creating ways for communities to engage in information through research projects, media productions, educational curricula, online content, and other means. 

Future Goals: Alisha plans to further her education with a Master's in Public History at Northern and then achieve a position as a Museum Director, where she can demonstrate her passion for Black History awoken through my courses here at NKU.

Ansley Cahill

Ansley Cahill

Graduating Year: 2024

Education: Pursuing a BA in Anthropology, with minors in Ancient Civilization, Biology, History, and Interdisciplinary Honors

Ansley is a very active student scholar. In the summer of 2023, she helped to conduct research on the development of social relationships in wild olive baboons at the Uaso Ngiro Baboon Project in Laikipia, Kenya, under the mentorship of Dr. Monica Wakefield. Her research was funded by a Collaborative Faculty-Student Project Award from the NKU College of Arts and Sciences (awarded to Dr. Monica Wakefield with Ansley Cahill as named student) and a Swarts-Milburn Undergraduate Research Fellowship from the NKU College of Arts and Sciences (awarded to Ansley Cahill).

Ansley is a recipient of Founders Merit-Based Scholarship. In April 2023, Ansley presented original research to the Committee on Diversity Undergraduate Research Symposium at the American Association of Biological Anthropologists Annual Meeting, Reno, NV. Ansley’s academic performance is outstanding. She currently has a GPA of 3.9, and has consistently been on the Dean’s and the President’s Honor’s lists since 2020. She is a very active community member.

She is a member of the Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honors Society as well as the Baboon Lab Group (Fall 2022 – present). She also serves as a University Housing Residential Assistant (Fall 2022 – present). She has also served as Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for ANT 202 Biological Anthropology (Fall 2021 & Spring 2022). Ansley is the current Vice-President of the SAPiens Student Society.

Future Plans: Ansley would like to continue working with Dr. Wakefield and the Baboon Lab Group to analyze the data she collects this summer to present at multiple conferences over the academic year. After graduation in Spring 2024, Ansley plans to pursue graduate studies in Biological or Archaeological Anthropology.

Seth Frost

Seth Frost

Graduating Year: 2020

Education: BA in History, with minors in Ancient Civilizations and Archaeology

Seth is an emerging museum professional, with an interest in American history and its preservation and interpretation for the public, particularly in house museum settings. He has an experience with museum collections, specifically with artifact handling, object care, and collection management software; and with interpretation of historic homes. He has also worked in exhibit research, design, and installation.

He has a master’s degree in Public History and a bachelor’s degree in History and Archaeology from Northern Kentucky University. He received the 2022’s Outstanding Graduate Student in Public History Studies Award and 2020’s Outstanding Student in Ancient Civilizations Studies Award. 

Current Career: National Park Service Museum Technician & Public Historian

Allison Parrot


Graduating Year: 2023

Education: BS in Computer Information Technology, with a minor in Women's & Gender Studies

“The courses reinforced the notion that no gender issues can be tackled unless looked at through an intersectional lens. I definitely see myself using what I have learned from my WGS minor in my future career because I refuse to be in a space where every demographic isn’t properly represented and acknowledged. My four years at NKU have helped me become a better ally not only for people in my community but for others. There is nothing more important in a workplace than diversity and inclusivity. As a Latina, representation was something that I didn’t get to experience much growing up, and I wanted to learn how I could be the change I wished to see." 

Career Goals: Technology Industry