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Derek Iles

Derek Iles

Graduating Year: 2017

Education: B.S. in Geology

“I entered NKU’s Geology program with only vague goals of wanting to work outdoors and to have an interesting career after college. The faculty and classes in the Geology program helped equip me with the skills necessary for obtaining meaningful employment after college—first with the U.S. Forest Service in Alaska and now with the U.S. Geological Survey in Florida. I encourage students to consider the Geology program, as it helps begin your journey to an exciting career in the natural sciences!”

Career: USGS Hydrologic Technician

Necessary job skills: Scientific thinking, teamwork, and a desire to work outside.

Stefano Pecile

Stefano Pecile

Graduating Year: 2024

Education: Mechatronics Engineering Technology

"Classes should always be your priority but also look for extracurricular activities and clubs to join during your time in college. Extracurricular activities at NKU provide you with a safe environment to go out of your comfort zone and meet new people. You will learn invaluable communication and leadership skills that will help you in job interviews and life. Get involved."

Co-Curriculum Activities:  Student member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Vice-president and head peer mentor of the NKU’s Latino Mentorship Program (LAMP), Secretary of the NKU chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), NKU Varsity eSports Captain.

Career Plan: After graduation, I would like to work in a multinational company in the automotive sector. In my first internship, I found a passion in this sector, and would like to pursue a career in this field.

Alaina Spencer

Alaina Spencer

Graduating Year: 2024

Education: Current Physics major and astronomy minor

Career: Planning to attend graduate school and continue doing astronomy research

“The Planetarium is my favorite part of NKU!”

What they do: Currently doing research with Dr. Dirk Grupe on black holes

Necessary job skills: Curiosity, computational analysis, critical thinking

Career path: Graduate student and then perhaps work at NASA

Mackenzie Manley

Kali Vanhoose

Graduating Year: 2022

Education: B.S. in Engineering Physics

"This department goes above and beyond for the students making sure the success and wellbeing of each and every student is their TOP priority. The small class sizes allow the professors to build relationships with the students, in this department you will never be just a number."

Career: Automation engineer at E Tech Group

There are so many options in the field of engineering but few offer the opportunity to do multiple disciplines in one. An automation engineer combines mechanical, electrical, software, networking, robotics, manufacturing, and many other forms of engineering. The field is changing constantly and is applicable throughout industry, allowing for professional growth and a changing work environment. This field provides problem solving challenges every day and even larger rewards.

Salem Wolsing

Salem Wolsing

Graduating Year: 2025

Education: Physics B.S. and Math B.S.

"I chose to minor in Astronomy along with majors in physics and math because I felt the minor would give me the necessary knowledge and experience to prepare me for grad school level astrophysics.  I recommend this minor to anyone who would like a career in astrophysics, or any engineering career focused on space."