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If you have a variety of interests that won’t be satisfied by focusing a single major, the Interdisciplinary Studies program will help you explore your interests while honing in on a successful career path. Here, we use knowledge from different disciplines to answer over-arching questions and tackle complex problems that overlap the disciplinary perspectives. Interdisciplinary Studies is an established, successful, and diverse program that allows graduates to pursue their passion through one of three different, flexible degree programs they choose while working closely with our specialized advisors.
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Our programs are ideally suited to those who aspire to:

  • Address broad topics and issues that go beyond a single discipline or pull from several disciplines
  • Work collaboratively and productively with others who have different perspectives or world views
  • Gain insight through a more comprehensive perspective
  • Exercise curiosity and creativity that outruns the strict focus of traditional majors

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Unique Student Experiences & Opportunities

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Experience an internship in your field of interest and gain valuable skills for future employment. Integrative Studies students have completed internships with the Cincinnati Reds, local municipalities, and other public service agencies.  


Creativity & Flexibility

Pursue Your Passions

Explore traditional academic disciplines and emerging fields in the context of current social, political, economic, and environmental problems. Create your program, deeping your knowledge and understanding of complex problems to discover potential career opportunities and pathways. 
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Career Ready

Enter the job market with valuable skills, ready to solve problems and contribute to the world around you. You design your program, so you know you are ready for your next pursuits.


Madison Butcher

Madison Butcher

Graduating Year: 2021

Education: BA in Integrative Studies, foci - Exercise Science, Psychology, and Religions Studies

Career: Madison is currently an Occupational Therapy doctoral student at Indiana University

“At first, I didn’t know a lot about what an integrative studies major was, but even after taking the first class, I knew it was the perfect major for me, and my career aspirations. The integrative studies program allows you to pick certain areas of study, which allows you to become knowledgeable about those topics. It also allows you to become knowledgeable about the connections between these areas, which allows you to develop critical thinking skills, life skills, and problem-solving skills to create holistic solutions. These concepts fit perfectly with my career aspirations to work in the medical field. I have always known I have wanted to work in the medical field. Over the years I have gained experience working as a nursing assailant, EMT, telemetry technician, and phlebotomist. All of these jobs have taught me things critical to the field, but having knowledge from all of these areas makes me a valuable employee at any one of these positions. This Is just as integrative studies teaches as well. It’s not about the knowledge you gain from the individual areas of studies but how they all connect, and that same thought applies to medicine as well. The integrative studies major helped me redefine my writing skills, which helps me convey my own voice and ideas. The most influential part of the program has been its research aspect; not only teaching me how to properly conduct research but opened many doors to different areas of research which sparked my interests and allowed me to become passionate about new topics.”

Necessary job skills: Problem solving, Communication, Research, Finding coherence and seeing connections