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This anthropology career page was constructed by the spring 2012 and 2013 ANT 325 Applied Anthropology courses at Northern Kentucky University.

Threshold Qualifications (Nolan p. 34-6)

  • Academic Training B.A./B.S. in anthropology
  • Language Proficiency Second language (e.g., Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic)
  • Field Experience
  • Volunteer - Mission-work, student-aid, ...
    • Fieldschools (e.g., archaeological or ethnographic fieldschools)
    • Internships (e.g., museum center)
    • Service learning (e.g., CfAA)
  • Workplace Skills Self-management skills (e.g., scheduling time, time management, punctuality, neatness, sociability, politeness, etc.); Functional skills (e.g., typing, communication, FAX machines); Technical skills (e.g., Java programming, photography, etc.)


Anthropology Practice-Oriented Competencies
(Nolan p. 37)

  • ANT 325 Applied Anthropology Abilities (interview techniques, tabular and graphic presentation techniques, time planning and management) Applications (interviewing, data analysis and summaries, working with other people, assigning roles and responsibilities)
  • ANT 342 Quantitative Methods in Anthropology Abilities (research design, interview techniques, literature and database search techniques, statistics, content analysis, comparative research techniques, writing, tabular and graphic presentation techniques, project and program design, proposal writing, budgeting, design of procedures, time planning and management) Applications (Survey design, rapid assessment; literature review; interviewing, needs analysis, data analysis, summaries, presentations, reports, designing specific programs and projects, working with other people)
  • ANT 340 Ethnographic Methods Abilities (research design, interview techniques, literature and database search techniques, content analysis, time planning and management) Applications (literature review; interviewing, data analysis, summaries, presentations, reports, working with other people)
  • CMST 110 Communication Studies Abilities (public-speaking skills, audiovisual presentation skills, delivery skills) Applications (presentations)
  • ENG 291 Advanced College Writing Abilities (research papers, journal entries, reports, grammar, vocabulary, and format)


Types of Field Experiences for Practitioners (Nolan p. 59)

  • Volunteer Museums (e.g., Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Museum Center), Archaeological Digs, Archive and/or Library, State and National Parks (e.g., Big Bone Lick State Park), and Non-profit Aid Organizations (e.g., Su Casa, abroad)
  • Field School Archaeological Field Schools (e.g., ANT 215/335 Archaeological Field Methods at NKU) and Ethnographic Field Schools (e.g, ANT 365 Ethnographic Field School at NKU - Belize Summer 2013), and Study Abroad.
  • Service Learning Course work (e.g., ANT 325), Study Abroad, Peace Corp, Americorp, Day of Service
  • Internship Procter and Gamble, GE, Cultural Resource Management Firms, Marketing, Museums, Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement, etc...
  • Practicum Senior Project, Capstone, Honors Project
  • Cooperative Assignment Half class half internship...


Anthropology Related Skills (Nolan p. 76-77)

  • Discovery Skills Surveying, interviewing, observing, participating, data recording, secondary researching (library)
  • Analytical Skills qualitative and quantitative data analysis(ing); interpreting, correlating, translating and linking data
  • Communication Skills communicating (negotiating, advising, oral, writing, listening, sharing) across diverse peoples and cultures
  • Design Skills Identifying goals, objectives, problems, methods, strategies, priorities, issues, and opportunities in planning projects
  • Management Skills Delegating, budgeting, supervising, collaborating, trouble-shooting, coordinating, and motivating
  • Evaluation Skills synthesizing, evaluating, interpreting, summarizing
  • Problem Solving Skills research, observation
  • Critical Thinking Skills evaluating, observing, data analysis

References Cited

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