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The art education track provides preparation to future art teachers so they may go on to have successful teaching careers and a lifelong engagement with art.

A strong background in visual arts is necessary for teachers of art to help their students make, study, interpret and evaluate works of art. In the Art & Design Program, students explore foundations of art through courses that encourage learning to see the structure of visual art and how to develop ideas in art making. Students learn about and engage in a variety of studio processes including drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, new media and spatial arts.





In addition to the use of studios and classrooms within the Art & Design Program, pre-service art educators have a dedicated studio space where they can explore the materials and resources used in contemporary art classrooms. They experience hands-on teaching with P-12 students and art teachers at local schools or other community venues. The Greater Cincinnati area's museums and galleries offer professional development programs and exhibits that are an integral part of the NKU art education curriculum. The National Art Education Association Student Chapter offers students the opportunity to learn more about their professional field by attending state and national art education conferences.



Checklists & Procedures

BA • Art Education Track

Students interested in the art education track must also major in Secondary/P-12 Education in the College of Education and Human Sciences.


Art Education Faculty

Students who choose this track work with faculty across multiple art and design disciplines. Here is a link to the full-time faculty in art and design.


The Art Education track is looking for curious, motivated students with strong interpersonal and studio skills, an interest in art history and a desire to share what they know with others.


Career Paths

The mission of the art education track at NKU is to train art educators to be committed to teaching and to their students and to offer them a depth and breadth of knowledge about art. The art education courses equip students with current methods in curriculum development, and instruction and assessment to provide many teaching opportunities in area schools.

Our program supports and affirms the idea that teachers must be well versed in the history an practice of visual art and engage in learning new content, skills, theories, art forms and technology throughout their professional lives.