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The studio arts degree is meant for the generalist who has interests in taking courses from many areas within studio art and some courses that can be more concentrated in a single area.

Students choosing this Bachelor of Arts track will do a minor or area of concentration outside of art to round out their education. Frequently, students choosing this degree already have interests in these outside areas but wish to learn more about art and art-making in order to further their expertise.




Students in Art & Design can gain 24/7 access to our facilities. Art students may request after hours permission and access to the Fine Arts Center or the Ceramics & Sculpture building when they are closed. We have numerous computer labs and studio spaces, we are wired for success in an Apple Macintosh environment. Students have access to high quality input and output devices, including digital projectors, flatbed and slide scanners, and color and black-and-white laser printers. The labs are outfitted with the latest versions of industry-standard software. There is also a letterpress facility to honor historical processes where students can work out ideas for artist bookmaking, design and printmaking.



Checklists & Procedures

BA • Studio Arts Track

All students enter the Art & Design Program as Bachelor of Arts (BA) candidates. Upon completion of the art and design foundations program, 60 semester hours at NKU and 27 semester hours in art, many areas encourage students to apply for admission to a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree track.

The BA is a general studies degree, teaching the student about visual arts from a broad point of view. Students have flexibility in what studio classes to take and can spend more time studying outside the visual arts while in college. This degree requires either a minor or an area of concentration outside of art and design, expounding upon the general studies thrust of this degree.


Minor • Art

The minor in art is meant to give students an introduction to understanding many of the disciplines in art and design. Students take a condensed version of the art foundations core and course electives from many of art disciplines of their choosing with the art minor.



Students who choose this track work with faculty across multiple art and design disciplines. Here is a link to the full-time faculty in art and design.




Career Paths

Careers in art and design are ripe with opportunities. The 21st century multi-media explosion along with the emergence of the web, smart phones and digital tablets has created opportunities for designers and artists like never before. Business and cultural organizations across the planet need compelling visual content for these modern technologies. Combined with new tools such as 3D printing the creative class is helping to revolutionize our world. Here are possible paths your NKU Art & Design education will prepare you for...



Art Consultant

Art Critic/Writer

Art Director

Art Historian, Art Law Specialist

Art Lecturer/Visiting Scholar

Arts Management

Art Supervisor

Art Teacher


Arts Organization Administrator

Auction House Assistant

Book Illustrator, Technical/Production

Commercial Serigrapher/Silkscreener


Costume Designer

Curator - Corporate, Museum, University

Development/Grant Writer

Digital Imaging

Director of Visual Arts Program

Environmental Graphics

Exhibition Coordinator

Exhibition Designer

Fabric and Textile Designer

Fashion Photographer

Fine Arts Appraiser

Font Designer

Foundry Owner/Operator

Furniture Designer

Freelance Photographer

Gallery Director

Graphic Designer - Advertising, Corporate


Master Printer/Print Studio Owner

Model Maker

Multi-media Designer/Artist


Museum Educator/Researcher

Package Designer, Product Designer

Painter, Sculptor, Printmaker

Portrait Painter/Sculptor

Photo/Computer/Digital Lab Technician

Photography Lab Technician

Professor of Art/Design


Restorer, Conservator

Scientific Illustrator, Technical Illustrator

Special Effects Artist

Set Designer


Toy Manufacturer and Designer

TV/Video/Film, Cinematography

User Interface Designer

Urban Graphics Designer

Visual Resources Curator

Web Designer, Webmaster