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We are excited to announce that the NKU Fine Arts Center will be undergoing extensive construction and renovations to enhance the overall experience for our students and guests. These improvements will address various areas of the facility to ensure a safer and more comfortable environment.


  • Planned Start Date: July 17, 2023
  • Estimated Completion: Fall 2024

Construction Details

  • Repair of Floor Heaving: We will be addressing floor heaving issues to provide a more stable and secure foundation throughout the Fine Arts Center.
  • HVAC System Replacement: The HVAC system will be upgraded and replaced to improve air quality and climate control within the building, creating a more pleasant atmosphere for everyone.
  • Fire Alarm Modernization: Upgrading the fire alarm system will enhance safety measures and ensure compliance with the latest standards.

Affected Areas and Accessibility

  • Stauss Theatre and Corbett Theatre: Both performance spaces will be closed during the construction period. Theatre & Dance performances will take place in alternate locations, both on and off campus. More information about these productions can be accessed here.
  • Greaves Concert Hall: Greaves will remain open and continue to host concerts and events during the construction period. We encourage you to check our events page for upcoming concerts and shows.
  • First Floor Closure: The majority of the first floor will be closed and inaccessible. However, please note that Greaves Concert Hall (FA 141) and the Band Room (FA 126) will remain open and accessible.
  • Norse Elevator: The Norse Elevator will be accessible, providing access to floors 1, 2, and 3.
  • Plaza Elevator: The first floor of the Plaza Elevator will not be accessible during the construction phase. Floors 2, 3, and 4 will be accessible.
  • East Stairwell: With the first floor being utilized for construction ventilation, the second floor to first floor will be emergency exit only.

Alternative Entrances

To ensure continued access to certain areas of the Fine Arts Center, the following entrances and access points will be available:

  • Outside doors to Greaves Concert Hall: Visitors can enter Greaves Concert Hall through the designated outside doors, which include a set of doors equipped with accessible features to accommodate individuals with disabilities. Portions of the outdoor plaza near Greaves will be gated off. Please note that there is no interior connection to the Band Room from Greaves.
  • Outside doors to Band Room: The Band Room can be accessed through the designated outside doors, which are equipped with accessibility features for individuals with disabilities. Please note that there is no interior connection to Greaves from the Band Room.

During the construction period, we will have signage and barricade walls in place to assist visitors in navigating the building and provide clear directions.

We understand you may have questions or concerns about the ongoing construction and renovation. We will provide more information and updates on this webpage. You may also contact us at

We value your support and look forward to unveiling the improved NKU Fine Arts Center upon completion. Thank you for your understanding and patience.