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BFA Senior Exhibition Committee Policy  

  • Three faculty members make up the BFA Senior Exhibition Committee      
  • The area coordinator or advanced instructor will serve as the chair of the student’s committee       
  • The student will ask other full-time faculty to serve as the other two members on their committee (part-time faculty may be asked to participate with approval of committee chair and program head)
  • At least three meetings with their committee are required for every student
  • Student should enroll in the advanced course section of their major area as a co-requisite to Senior Exhibition

Senior Exhibition Review Process

Meeting 1 – COMMITTEE FORMATION – Semester before Senior Exhibition

(form will be available in the Art & Design Office)

  • The student will work with their Committee Chair/Area Coordinator to develop a plan of action
  • Student will complete the Committee Formation Worksheet outlining their concept and plan of action
  • Get committee chair approval of worksheet and signature
  • Student will then ask other faculty members to join their committee and get signatures
  • The committee formation can happen individually with the committee members
  • Plan of action for Senior Exhibition
    • develop plan of artwork to be produced
    • write out calendar with specific goals and dates
      (1 - 48”x48” painting per month over the summer – May 30, June 30, July 30, Aug 30)   
    • what you are going to develop and accomplish by Meeting 2
      (Will have four new paintings by Meeting 2) 
Meeting 2 – PROGRESS REVIEW – Within the first 3 weeks of Senior Exhibition semester

(form will be made available through Senior Exhibition Course/ Gallery Director)

  • Full Committee Required (meeting should be scheduled so the entire committee and student are present — Monday & Wednesdays from 11:00am to 12:00noon are good faculty meeting times)
  • Conceptual overview of artwork
  • Review of work completed from action plan
  • Update action plan for the remainder of the semester
  • If the committee determines a student is not on track a Mid-term Committee Meeting will be initiated
  • The committee may determine more meetings are needed at the committee’s discretion 

(form will be available in the Art & Design Office)

  • Full Committee Required
  • All artwork must be installed prior to meeting

BFA Requirements

Students must have a 2.5 university GPA or higher to be accepted into the BFA program and must maintain this minimum overall GPA to graduate with a BFA degree from Art & Design.

Students admitted to the BFA degree program must re-declare their major as BFA with the Office of the Registrar.

Senior BFA students who have applied for graduation are required to register for ART 497 Senior Exhibition which requires an exhibition of their work and a formal faculty critique of their work.

Students are not permitted to enroll in ART 297 Portfolio Review and ART 497 Senior Exhibition in the same semester.