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Undergraduate Research

Philosophers and students of philosophy have access to a wide variety of resources in the library and on the internet.

Steely Library

Steely Library has paper copies of around 100 journals in philosophy and another 200 journals in religious studies. Many of these also have online access. An especially good resource for research in philosophy is the Philosopher's Index, which is available on the Steely Library website among a number of other good databases and indexes.

Internet Resources

Here is a short list of recommended research resources.  Use it to supplement your reading assignments, or to do research for your essays and scholarly/creative papers or projects.

Two very credible online philosophy encyclopedias are the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The articles on a wide variety of traditional philosophical issues and topics are written by professional philosophers.

Google Scholar - A Google Scholar search covers many of the scholarly articles available on the internet, and frequently provides access to pdf files. Sign in with your NKU name/PW and modify your preferences to get the most benefit. You can export the citations into Zotero.

JSTOR - An online system for storing journals.  Easy to search and download pdf files.  Log in with your NKU name/PW. Easy to export citations and articles into Zotero.

EBSCOhost - Another online system for storing journal and magazine articles. Log in with your NKU name/PW. Select EBSCOhost Web and the databases you want to use (you can select them all). Easy to export citations and articles into Zotero.

PhilPapers - "PhilPapers is a comprehensive directory of online philosophy articles and books by academic philosophers. We monitor journals in many areas of philosophy, as well as archives and personal pages." Easy to search articles related to your search and to export citations.

Zotero Library - Consider intalling Zotero on a FireFox browser.  It allows you to collect, manage, and cite your research sources.  It puts your citations into any style you prefer and lets you place them directly into your paper or web page.

Diigo - Diigo is an online community for storing and sharing bookmarks. You can highlight and annotate web pages.  Create a free account and add the FireFox toolbar.

APA Style and Format Guide - You are free to use any style with which you feel comfortable, but you must use some accepted format when you submit formal papers or post them on the wiki site for this class.  The APA style is one that we recommend.

Plagiarism Guidelines - Steely Library offers some very useful tips on understanding and avoiding plagiarism.