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Lets reach new creative heights, together!

At Northern Kentucky University’s School of the Arts, your individuality is your greatness. Embrace it. Lead with it. Change with it. Greatness makes us who we are and who we want to be. We focus on cultivating you and that greatness by celebrating your individuality and unique talents. Combining your power and our experienced perspective builds an unstoppable force of inspired creativity and education, activating your future of lifelong success. Learn more about who we are and what we can accomplish together!

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Art and Design


Theatre and Dance



Hello and welcome to NKU’s School of the Arts Virtual Open House. We have three exciting Programs here in SOTA: Music, Theatre & Dance, and Art & Design with 12 majors, 30 specializations, and 7 minors. With innovative curriculum, small class sizes, and award-winning instructors, students develop expertise in the arts and the qualities most in-demand for today’s changing career landscape. Additionally, we have literally hundreds of events during the year featuring our students, faculty, and guest artists. There is always something inspiring happening in the School of the Arts and we hope this Virtual Open House gives you just a little taste of what we have to offer.

While we have put together some great video content on this website and even more details can be found on our Program sites, the best way to discover who we are and see what we can create together is to come see us in person. You can subscribe to our weekly events newsletter, sign up for a campus tour, or arrange a visit to Art & Design, Theatre & Dance, or Music.

Here in SOTA, we understand that an education in the arts is expansive -- giving students the most vital essential skills needed for success in the arts, success in a broad range of career paths, and success in life. Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking are skills acquired and reinforced at every level in every discipline in the arts. Building on that foundation are Confidence and Courage as you step onto the stage or onto the gallery walls with your vision of the world. Finally, Connection flows through everything we do – engaging in the arts connects us to ideas, different perspectives, ourselves, and one another. I hope to connect with you on a program visit, see you in the audience of our amazing productions, exhibitions, and concerts, and welcome you on campus soon!

Matthew Albritton, SOTA Director

Matt Albritton