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Drawing From Nature with Amy Bogard.

NKU REFS Talk&Walk - Nature Drawing - Sofia Durtsche - Watercolor
Drawing From Nature with Amy Bogart. It was a wonderful evening with a hike to the wetlands for inspiration and images to sketch, then a workshop with Amy on exploring those expressions on paper with sketches and watercolors. 

Observation, Identification, Fun: Introduction to iNaturalist

Dr. Maggie Whitson at a pond using iNaturalist at NKU REFS at dusk.
Dr. Maggie Whitson lead the Talk-&-Walk on observing nature and using iNaturalist to record interesting finds and tie in with social media. Even at dusk, there was plenty to find and document.

Name That Tune: An Introduction to Identifying Local Birds by Ear!

On June 15, 2022, Dr. Lindsey Walter gave a very nice presentation on how to bird by ear. Much of what we sensed when we encountered birds were their calls, so having a good ear for these sounds and with Dr. Walter's quick ability to identify species based on call alone, helped us assemble quite a list of birds found on our evening walk. Here is an ebird link to birds we found that evening: