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The College of Arts and Sciences promotes the free and rigorous pursuit of knowledge, respect for differing points of view and global cultures, appreciation for personal expression in all its artistic forms, and challenges and rewards of community involvement. We are committed to stimulating students' abilities to think critically about their course of study, themselves, and global issues, and familiarizing them with methods of inquiry and means of expression across disciplines.


Northern Kentucky University is a large and respected university with more than 15,000 students who are served by more than 2,000 faculty and staff. The campus has blossomed into an academic, social and cultural hub. In 2013 we enrolled students from 104 Kentucky counties, 40 states and 54 countries. Students come from across the commonwealth and around the world for the personalized education that has defined NKU since its founding.

Northern Kentucky

The northernmost part of the state, Northern Kentucky has a plethora of towns along the Ohio River, each with its own identity. But the area as a whole has also become known for being a suburb of Cincinnati, as many citizens live in Kentucky and drive to work in Ohio. From tiny places like Rabbit Hash to the area's largest city - Covington, Northern Kentucky's residents are diverse, including business owners, farmers, technologists, entrepreneurs, artists, scholars and designers. For culture and commerce, few places offer such contrasting locales.

The area is also one of the fastest growing in the state, as more people are realizing the benefits of living in small towns so close to a major metropolitan area. In the last six years, nearly 26,000 new residents have moved to the three most northern counties of Kentucky.


Care to browse the galleries of an art museum or listen to a symphony? Interested in watching a ballgame or taking a cruise on the river? How would you like to discover the past or tame one beast of a roller coaster?

In Cincinnati, you can do it all.

Named one of "Top Ten Cities that Rock" by Esquire, and the "Best City for Nightlife" by Forbes, Cincinnati offers restaurants, coffee shops, bars and nightclubs that are open late in neighborhoods like Mount Adams, Clifton and Hyde Park.


When our students aren't in the lab or studying across the globe, they take advantage of their metropolitan surroundings - interning at the region's numerous Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial startups, living in a vibrant and enterprising community and exploring cultural and social opportunities in their own backyard.