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Career Opportunities

Super-express train Hikari at Tokyo Station

Majors and minors in foreign languages often find employment in the areas listed below.  Usually the graduate combines knowledge of a language and culture with additional study or training in another area in order to qualify for a job.  For more ideas, as well as strategies to help land certain types of jobs, check out the site:  What can I do with this major?

For local jobs in these areas and others, as well as for help in preparing for the job search, consult Career Services.


  • Translation/Interpretation 
  • Diplomacy and Foreign Service
  • Immigration/Naturalization
  • Customs
  • Armed Forces
  • Civil Service


  • Translation/Interpretation (for a company or as one's own enterprise)
  • Banking
  • Sales/Customer service
  • Market Research
  • Imports/Exports
  • Secretarial services
  • Consulting
  • other positions in internationally owned companies (companies from Canada, France, Spain, Mexico,  Switzerland, and Japan have plants in Kentucky)

Travel and Tourism

  • Translation/Interpretation
  • Airlines
  • Hospitality Industry

Education and Service

  • Teaching elementary and high school language
  • Teaching at the university level Counseling
  • Social Work
  • Administration
  • Library Science

Arts, Media, Entertainment

  • Advertising
  • Journalism
  • Publishing/Editing

Scientific and Professional

  • Medicine (all kinds of health care professionals)
  • Computer Science
  • Law (both local practice and international law)
  • Translation/Interpretation