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W. Frank Steely Travel Fellowship

Eligibility Criteria

All NKU students who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for the W. Frank Steely Travel Fellowship.

  • Applicants must be an undergraduate History major.
  • Applicants must be NKU students in good standing.


As part of the application, each student must submit:

  • Personal Essay: Students must upload a 300-700 word essay addressing how the travel abroad program is applicable to academic, career, and/or personal goals.
  • Program Budget: Students must upload an itemized budget that includes program cost, airfare, housing, health insurance, meals, and other travel costs expected during the course of the program (e.g. busses, trains). Students participating in KIIS, CCSA, and NKU faculty-led programs need only report the total cost of their program.
  • Faculty/Staff Reference: Students must ask a faculty/staff member to submit a reference on their behalf. Enter the recommender's NKU email address where indicated on the application. The reference must be completed by the faculty/staff member electronically via a link that will be automatically emailed to them. Please choose a faculty/staff member who knows you well enough to provide an informed reference. NOTE: It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the reference is received by the deadline.
Students in Greece
Student in traditional dress on Korean street

Award Amounts

Multiple awards of various amounts may be given, but the total amount given by the department for 2023-24 will not exceed $3210. 

  • Scholarship Will Not Cover All Costs: In all cases, this scholarship will not cover the entire cost of any study abroad program. A significant portion of the program cost will remain the student’s responsibility.
  • Award Disbursement: The award will be posted directly to the student’s NKU account. In all cases, the award will not be disbursed in time to cover initial program payments. In some cases, the award may be disbursed in time to cover the final payment, but students must prepare for the possibility of paying all program costs unassisted and using their scholarship money to reimburse themselves after the fact.

*All award information is subject to change based on scholarship fund availability

Selection Procedure

  • Applications Reviewed by Department of History Student Awards Committee.
  • Essay on Academic Relevance & Academic Performance Evaluated: Students’ essays will be evaluated for quality and relevance to the discipline of history. The faculty/staff reference will also be taken into consideration. Academic performance will be relevant, but not a key factor in determining awards.
  • Processing of Application: Applicants will be notified of their status via email approximately 3-4 weeks after the application is submitted. Please note that time periods when the university is closed (such as fall break) are not included in this processing time.

NOTE: The Student Awards Committee may ask for an unofficial copy of your transcript as part of the evaluation process. If required, you will be sent an email.

This award is provided through the generous contribution of former NKU President and History Professor W. Frank Steely.

For more information about the department's Steely Travel Fellowship, contact:


Awards Committee Chair

Dr. Andrea Sutherland
432 Landrum Academic Center | (859) 572-7708

If you would like more information on other scholarships or fellowships to fund study away or study abroad programs, visit the Office of Education Abroad.