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Exhibits & Displays
 The Anthropology Museum uses the hallways on the 2nd floor of Landrum to highlight our collections with small displays and also by hosting Photography Exhibits by anthropological photographers on topics of cultural interest. Occasionally the Anthropology Museum curates visual exhibits at other campus venues.
 Current exhibits and displays are listed below.
Ted Kennedy - Photo from exhibit
Native American Awareness - Indigenous Issues: Historic and Contemporary (Photography Exhibit, Fall 2022) This exhibit is based on research and consultation with Native American friends by photographer and Anthropology Alumn, Gregory Rust. The exhibit reflects historic and contemporary issues that are important to many indigenous peoples. As with any topic, there is never total agreement on any issue. An objective of the exhibit is to raise awareness and stimulate dialogue.  

Carved Out Culture: A Glimpse into Wester African Life Display
There is a long tradition in west Africa of carving with wood to create utilitarian objects as well as artistic objects. This display features a wooden headrest, comb, and an Akuaba Doll by crafts people from multiple west African cultures. Objects are from the Anthropology Museum Collections and the display is located near the elevators on the 2nd floor of Landrum.

Katchinas: Vibrant Spirits of Hopi Culture Display
The Hopi use cottonwood to carve Katchina Dolls because it is an abundant, lightweight, and sturdy material. Traditionally the Katchina Dolls are made by males. This display (located across from LA209) highlights ten Katchina Dolls in the Anthropology Museum's collections.

Hats & Cultural Expression in Southeast Asia Display
 In the highlands of Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar ethnic groups including the Dao, Hmong, and Tai continue to use traditional styles of clothing to conserve their cultural traditions and express their cultural heritage. This display showcases hats and caps of Southeast Asian ethnic groups from the collections of the Anthropology Museum. The display is located in the hallway next to the Anthropology Museum