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Careers in Philosophy

The philosophy program at NKU has the mission to:

  • Provide a major, minor and advanced courses for those who want to specialize in philosophy
  • Provide all students with courses meeting certain general education requirements
  • Serve students in the colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business, Education and Human Services, and Informatics with foundation courses and an applied philosophy minor with internship opportunities
  • Provide graduate courses for the university graduate programs

Consistent with this mission, courses in philosophy are designed to enable students to increase the scope and depth of their understanding of and sensitivity to basic human beliefs and values. We also help students to:

  • Think creatively and critically about enduring questions of human existence
  • Integrate the various fields of knowledge into a useful, meaningful whole
  • Frame their ideas into a justified system of beliefs that provides order and direction in life
  • Develop basic analytical and logical skills
  • Acquaint themselves with the history of philosophy

If you are interested in majoring in Philosophy or getting a minor in Philosophy or Religious Studies, please contact our current faculty sponsor(s).