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Foundations is the underpinning preparation for all majors in the Art & Design Program. The intent of Foundations is to provide beginning art students with the fundamental skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to continue an education that will help them realize their aspirations in art and design.



Students in Visual Arts can gain 24/7 access to our facilities. Art students may request after hours permission and access to the Fine Arts Center or the Ceramics & Sculpture building when they are closed. We have numerous computer labs and studio spaces, we are wired for success in an Apple Macintosh environment. Students have access to high quality input and output devices, including digital projectors, flatbed and slide scanners, and color and black-and-white laser printers. The labs are outfitted with the latest versions of industry-standard software.



Foundations Curriculum

The Foundations curriculum enriches the studio experience by incorporating related issues and activities such as critical thinking, writing, verbal articulation skills, research and documentation. Involvement in these activities inside and outside the classroom will lend context and relevance to the art making process, as well as enhance students' awareness of themselves, the world, and how they choose to embrace it.

ART 130 Creating Visual Form (3 credits)
To enhance the perception of visual form through observation, translation, and documentation using a variety of media. Emphasis on physical craft and skills of fabrication. Co-requisites: ART 135 and ARTH 100

ART 135 Creating Visual Order (3 credits)
Exploration of the visual elements and principle of art and design; investigation of basic skills, concepts, terminology, and processes for two-dimensional and three-dimensional art making. Emphasis is on personal organization, goal setting, craft, and time management. Co-requisites: ART 130 and ARTH 100

ART 140 Building Meaning in Visual Art (3 credits)
Exploration of Idea development. Lectures/ presentations of how worthy ideas and a personal artistic voice are developed via visiting artists, research of contemporary artists and concepts of art and design, and attending exhibitions in galleries and museums. Prerequisites: ART 130, Art 135 and ARTH 100

Foundations Faculty

Nick Bonner
Nick Bonner
Foundations Coordinator
Senior Lecturer
Office: FA 300A | (859) 572-5909
Julia Sebastian
Julia Sebastian
Lecturer of Art
Office: FA 312B | (859) 572-5648


Foundations Core

We provide a direct connection to all disciplines within our Art & Design Program including Art History and Art Education. Our classes are all taught by professional artists, not graduate students. We foster an early and broad exploration of various disciplines before deciding which discipline might be the best fit for further study. Here are some of the learning objectives of the Foundations...

Introduction to the professional world of art and design.

Introduction to all the disciplines available within our program here at NKU.

Development and further enhancement of critical thinking skills.

Stimulation and development of a intensified imagination.

Development of productive and successful work habits.