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Two students showcashing their research at Celebration of faculty research

Faculty Research

Research in the NKU Psychological Science Department runs the gamut from neuroscience to program assessment, and covers the continuum from very basic research to very applied. Current faculty interests represent the subfields of cognitive, social, developmental, biological, health, and industrial/organizational psychology.  Find specific faculty interests here.

Because NKU has a primary focus on undergraduate education, and because the Department has only one graduate program, faculty members rely heavily on undergraduate assistance in order to conduct research.  Through supervised research (Psy 498), a HIP project, or an Honors thesis, each year a number of Psychological Science majors work with faculty members on empirical studies.  Many of these projects lead to presentations at local, regional, or national conferences, and some lead to publication in professional journals and/or research awards.

Conducting Research

Faculty and students wishing to do research must follow federal ethical and safety guidelines.  This includes undergoing training (CITI) to certify knowledge of ethical and safety requirements and having proposals approved by either the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Human Subjects or the Animal Safety Committee (IACUC).

Research Participation

Student enrolled in Introduction to Psychology, and in some upper-division psychology courses, may participate in psychological research to fulfill course requirements.  Signing up for research participation is handled through SONA, the department's online research participation management system.  Before signing up for a study on SONA, all users must read and agree to the policies described in the Department of Psychological Science's Human Subjects Policy.

To log in to SONA, go to this link: