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CINSAM Outreach Team leads STEM demonstration to middle school students while teachers observe as part of the Next Generation STEM Classroom.

Helping P-12 Educators Take Their
STEM Instruction To The Next Level

It's a fact that:
  1. Our world is changing rapidly, becoming more technologically advanced by the day.
  2. In order for society to maintain growth (continuing successes and correcting mistakes), an increase in STEM professionals is necessary. Supply must meet the demand.
  3. Your students' classroom experiences impact their perception and interest in STEM subjects.

...Know what that means?

You are leading the charge for the future of STEM!

Check out resources and opportunities for professional development and outreach curated to elevate your and your students' experiences in STEM education.

Designed for busy teachers with limited school budgets, you're sure to find something here that will be a game-changer.

Dig in, and let's do this together!


Want to support CINSAM's mission? Your gift will help provide STEM education opportunities, such as Undergraduate Research and P-12 STEM events, to NKU and P-12 students.