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The NKU Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry is committed to undergraduate research as a strong tool to prepare students for their postgraduate careers. Participation in research can provide a significant advantage for students when they seek employment, or apply to graduate or professional schools. Faculty regularly receive support for undergraduate research through internal and externally funded grants, including agencies like the National Institute of Health, National Science Foundation, and American Chemical Society-PRF. Well over 500 students have participated in research over the history of the program, with around 60 students participating annually (many over the summer months). These students attend meetings at the local, regional and national level to present their research results and actively work with department faculty to prepare manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals.


Faculty research

Chemistry & Biochemistry faculty members are active in research. To learn about ongoing projects, speak with the faculty, or see the Faculty Research Page.

In last few years, the chemistry & biochemistry department has provided funding for several undergraduate students and faculty per year to attend major scientific conferences including regional and national American Chemical Society meetings, the Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry, and the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education.

Over the last decade, research faculty have received over three million dollars in externally funded grants from The National Institute of Health, National Science Foundation, Research Corporation, American Chemical Society-PRF and Kentucky Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network among others.

Faculty have also published numerous articles, nearly all of them with NKU undergraduates as co-authors. 

Yearly, department students present their work at national and regional American Chemical Society meetings, and on-campus and community outreach events.