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Internships provide excellent resume material, give students real world work experience, help students define their career goals, enable networking opportunities, and provide the potential to serve as a gateway for employment at the host agency/organization.

Build professional networks or possibly secure employment upon graduation.

With over 100 agencies in Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnat, internships have been completed in government agencies at local, state and federal levels, nonprofit organizations and the private sector.

For more information contact Experiential Learning Coordinator Rhea Floyd // 859-572-1961.

Organizational Leadership students interested in pursuing a leadership practicum should email for details.

  1. Minimum GPA of 2.75 in major/minor
  2. Successful completion of major core courses: 
    • Criminal Justice major/minor - Completed 9 credit hours of core courses including JUS 100
    • Political Science major/minor- Completed 12 credit hours of core courses including PSC 100
    • Law, B.A. major - Completed 12 credit hours of core courses including JUS 101, PSC 100, PSC 204
    • Pre-Law minor - Completed 9 credit hours of core courses including PSC 204 and LAW 300
    • International studies major/minor - contact intern coordinator
    • Public Service minor - contact intern coordinator
    • Organizational Leadership major/minor - contact intern coordinator
  3. Nature of internship - must be relevant to major/minor in the department seeking academic credit. 
  4. Complete and sign the Course Application Form to receive permit to register for the course. 
    • Contact to receive the form.

Differences between a co-op and internship


  • co-op is a paid work experience, related to the student’s major (or minor), with academic credit earned.  The student enters into an agreement among the employer, a specific faculty member in the academic department, and Career Services staff. Co-op credit is initiated through Career Services. Co-op Credit (CEP 300)
  • An internship is a curricular work experience which may or may not be paid and may or may not be for academic credit.  Internship credit can be applied toward the following majors:
    • Criminal Justice - up to 6 credit hours
    • International Studies - up to 3 credit hours
    • Political Science - up to 3 credit hours
    • Law/Pre-Law - up to 3 credit hours
    • Organizational Leadership - no credit toward major; can be applied toward general elective credit; contact advisor for more information.
Criminal Justice Career Fair
cj career fair 2023

The Criminal Justice program host an annual fall career fair with
representatives from federal, state, and local government in addition
to non-profit organizations and law schools. This is a great opportunity
to learn about internships and entry level job positions in the field.


Wednesday, November 1, 2023

SU Ballroom

More information at NKU Career Services

List of Agencies (via Handshake)

Internship Examples

There are many opportunities for students in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati region, but the following is a selection of organizations with internship programs that may interest Criminal Justice, International Studies, Law and Political Science students. Students are expected to secure their own internship with approval from the intern coordinator prior to enrollment into the course. 

Experiential Learning Coordinator

Rhea Floyd