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The SOTA Image & Video Database is a repository of photographs, artwork, videos and other visual documentation of the great work we do in SOTA. This database was created to better facilitate access, communication and marketing of SOTA and respective programs. This also can be used to help students access and upload imagery. We are using to facilitate this database.

SOTA and each Program will have a main folder that can contain unlimited folders, galleries and imagery. We have an unlimited account, however do not dump every image in this database. Please only upload high-quality images/videos highlighting what we do in SOTA. Please only put images truly needed to highlight the work rather than multiples of the same image.

How to Access/Use

  • Go to to access the database.
  • All the folders and galleries within database will be Unlisted.
    Unlisted (Anyone with the Link): Only people who have a direct link can see the gallery or folder.
  • To share images and videos with faculty, staff and students identify the folder or gallery then send the group the link.
  • To upload images and videos from faculty, staff and students work with your Program Head to setup an upload folder to enable a link to share.
  • You can add an unlimited number of JPEG, GIF, PNG, and HEIC files. The size limitation per photo is 500 megabytes. With a preference for JPEG's.
  • Each video file can be up to 20 minutes long and 3 GB in size. We recommend using our HTML5 uploader in Chrome for the best results.


SOTA Image & Video Database

SOTA folder / Art & Design folder / Music folder / Theatre & Dance folder

Within each main folder an area folder will be included along with various needs of the specific program.

Naming Conventions

  • Please use a descriptive name as the title of the image.
  • For a performance use the following convention (name of Production/Concert/Event_Year) Freaky_Friday_2019.jpg
  • For artwork use the following convention (name of Artist_title_Medium_Year) Dali_PersistenceofMemory_oilpaint_1931.jpg
            (Dates are usually embedded in the metadata of the image.)
  • We also encourage including using keywords when uploading files to help enable better search.

For administrative access please contact your Program Head.