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Any student who declares a major in French, German, Japanese, or Spanish must participate in the portfolio assessment program as a requirement for graduation. This assessment program has been adopted in response to:

  1. A state mandate that the department regularly evaluate the academic progress of its foreign language majors;

  2. A national awareness regarding accountability in higher education;

  3. The need to assess the effectiveness of our teaching.

Students ready to prepare the portfolio must enroll in WLL 400 (World Languages Program Assessment) that semester.


Language Proficiency Testing and Global Seal of Biliteracy

You have worked hard for your language skills and now you get to show them off! Be sure to add your Language Proficiency Testing results as well as the Global Seal of Biliteracy certificate to your resume and job application. Be sure to mention your language skills during job interviews and you can negotiate between 5% to 20% more earnings.

Practice the STAMP test

The Global Seal of Biliteracy