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Center for Integrative Natural Science and Mathematics (CINSAM)

CINSAM’s mission is to promote enthusiasm, excellence, and equity at pre-school through undergraduate levels by advancing and integrating teaching, learning and scholarship in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. In addition to working with our regional P-12 schools, CINSAM leads projects where students are involved in STEM research, leadership, and communication opportunities.

Haile Planetarium

The Haile Planetarium in the Department of Physics, Geology, and Engineering Technology Departments is focused on educating and inspiring students, faculty and the community about our universe.  The planetarium is multifunctional and can be used to allow classes to visualize aspects of many different disciplines such as history, biology, chemistry, art, music, and more.

The Schneider Observiatory dimly lit by natural light with several large telescopes aiming upward

Schneider Observatory

The Schneider Observatory supports astronomy labs with hands-on research and private viewing opportunities for projects, studies and applied research. They also promote community engagement through public viewing sessions. This unique multi-user environment allows us to align our goals for undergraduate research and community outreach.