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Kassi Bourne

Kassi Bourne

Graduating Year: 2016

Education: International Studies, Japanese Minor

Career: Cybersecurity and Intelligence


Necessary job skills: Fluent in Japanese, critical thinking, research skills.

Career path: After graduating from NKU, Kassi obtained a Master’s degree in Diplomacy and International Relations from Seton Hall University. She specialized in the region of Asia, foreign policy and global negotiation and conflict management.

Mattie Kuechler

Mattie Kuechler

Graduating Year: 2023

Education: B.A. Organizational Leadership

Career Plans: Facility Maintenance Manager 

“My time at NKU was packed with personal development and growth. Acquiring necessary skills that enable me to be the leader my team needed me to be. Through this program I was able to push myself and understand what was needed for my future. I met professors and students that assisted and guided me along this journey. My professors were understanding, inclusive, and thorough. Creating valuable relationships, I will treasure for a lifetime. I was even asked to speak at the Society of Appalachian Historians regarding a project I had completed in my “Reel Appalachian” Appalachian History and Film class. I completed an organizational analysis project that carried forward to assist my department in aligning goals and expectations. NKU showed me that all things are possible with initiative. Helping me to recognize what is needed for the future” 

What They Do: "I am currently in my third year as a Maintenance Service Manager, and plan to continue my education with a masters in public history and a masters in organizational leadership and innovation. To peruse passions and furthering development."


Robin Litteral

Robin Litteral

Pronouns:  They/He

Graduating Year: 2020

Education: Psychological Science Major, Criminalistics and Human Services & Addictions minors

Career Plans: After I receive my B.A., I intend to pursue a master’s degree related to mental health counseling and become a mental health therapist. I have yet to decide whether or not I also want to pursue an education in something related to criminal justice (forensic psychology, criminalistics, crime researcher, a position within the FBI or CIA… all and more on the table).  

Favorite Class: My favorite class that I have taken in criminalistics has definitely got to be JUS 231: Race, Gender, and Crime with Alex Brennen. It really makes you think.  

Accomplishment: One academic accomplishment I have had is still in progress and that is being able to partake in undergraduate research.  

Hobbies: Some hobbies I have include: listening to music and podcasts, crocheting, reading, painting with acrylics, and really anything else that allows me to be creative.

Words of encouragement: I am 2 years into this minor and I have yet to have a professor that 1) hasn’t done a phenomenal job with teaching their subject; and 2) hasn’t understood how difficult it is to be a student trying to get an education and learning how to be their very own “grown-up” at the same time. Try not to be too afraid to ask questions or communicate with your professors when life comes up.

Michael Wade Laws

Michael Wade Laws

Graduating Year: 2003 (Undergraduate), 2006 (Juris Doctorate)

Education: B.S. in Political Science, Pre-Law minor, Juris Doctorate (Chase College of Law)

Career: My career plan has always been to be a career prosecutor and public servant. 

"If you want to achieve success in life, there is no substitute for hard work and dedication. I truly enjoyed the Political Science department at NKU.  I benefited from great professors who sparked my initial interest in the law.  Undergraduate classes, such as The Judicial Process, Constitutional Law, and International Law, helped prepare me for my law school studies and set me on the path that ultimately led me to my career as a prosecutor. "

What they do: "As the First Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for the 18th Judicial Circuit, I am responsible for prosecuting all felony offenses in Harrison, Nicholas, Pendleton, and Robertson Counties. I represent the Commonwealth of Kentucky in Circuit Court criminal proceedings including but not limited to grand jury presentations, trials, and numerous other hearings. I conduct legal research and prepare motions and legal memoranda, handle trial preparation, and assist law enforcement with criminal investigations."

Necessary job skills: A prosecutor needs to be able to conduct legal research, write clearly and concisely, confidently speak in public, analyze situations from all angles, effectively communicate, and advocate on the behalf of others.  Prosecutors must be compassionate, possess high moral character, have sound judgment, love public service, and be able to handle high-pressure situations. 

Career plan: "I began my path as a prosecutor by participating in a legal externship with the Kenton County Attorney’s Office in the Spring of 2006 while still in law school.  I was able to prosecute cases under the supervision of a licensed attorney.  After graduating from law school and passing the bar exam, I was appointed to the position of First Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney by Commonwealth’s Attorney Douglas Wright.  I have held this position for the last sixteen years, serving under former Commonwealth's Attorney Wright and current Commonwealth's Attorney Douglas Miller."

Kirstin Spellman

Kirstin Spellman

Graduating Year: 2024

Education: Law major and Criminal Justice focus

“My advice for people that want to participate in the 3+3 are two things. (1) Decide early on that you want to participate in the 3+3 and (2) Utilize your advisor as much as possible! They are there to help you with this process, take advantage of the assistance!”

Co-Curriculum Activities: Kappa Delta, Criminal Justice Club

3+3: I am in the 3+3 program, I’m anticipating starting law school next semester!

Career plan: One day I would like to be a juvenile advocate. I was in foster care for a short period of time, but this displayed what my purpose is, which is to advocate for minority children!

Brittany Taylor

Brittany Taylor

Graduating Year: 2020

Education: BA in Criminal Justice, minor in Organizational Leadership

Career: Juvenile Justice Professional

“The Criminal Justice Program at NKU is an amazing program that provides a critical learning experience for the students involved, through the provided courses, projects, and presentations. If you are interested in earning a degree in criminal Justice, NKU is a great place to do that.”

What they do: Regional Supervisor for the Court Designated Worker Program within the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts, Family and Juvenile Services

Necessary job skills: Communication skills, patience, teamwork, self-motivation, be able to lead, and the compassion to work with youth

Career path: Started as a youth worker supervisor within the Department of Juvenile Justice, obtained bachelor's degree and moved on to current position, recently obtained Master in Public Administration, career goal is to start a non-profit community center for youth in the NKY area.