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About Our College


Where Passion Finds Purpose

COAS has you covered!

Enrolling in NKU’s College of Arts and Sciences is the first step toward finding or following your passion, preparing for a career, and making a difference. We are dedicated to creating a well-rounded, dynamic experience for every student that is built on the values and skills of a liberal arts education. We:
• Are committed to scientific research and mathematical reasoning
• Embrace creativity and imagination
• Focus on communication, history, and culture

With more than 100 programs for the right- and left-brained alike—COAS has you covered.

Our Mission

The College of Arts and Sciences creates and sustains a community of lifelong learners in a nurturing environment that emphasizes literacy, critical thinking, and humanistic and scientific inquiry across diverse fields of disciplinary and interdisciplinary study.

The College promotes the free and rigorous pursuit of knowledge, respect for differing points of view and global cultures, appreciation for personal expression in all its artistic forms, and challenges and rewards of community involvement.


Find where you belong—discover our 10 different departments that include everything from anthropology to mathematics to organizational leadership.

School of the Arts (SOTA)

Explore the 12 majors, 15 regional art partners and extensive program specializations that make NKU’s School of the Arts an award-winning, innovative place to pursue your passions.


With unmatched experience and a passion for what they do, meet the faculty who will help you along the way.

Centers & Facilities

Learn about the innovative centers and facilities that ensure the real-word application of your academic studies.


Get ahead with the accredited programs that make the College of Arts and Sciences competitive and reliable.

Experience NKU

Experience NKU

Our campus is more than classrooms. It’s a hive of activity and connections that instantly feel familiar. Come walk it, take it in, check it out.

Experience NKU

Financial Aid

A variety of financial assistance is available, from grants to scholarships, loans to veteran benefits.