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Philippines 2008-1

Philippines 2008-1


This basket can be worn and carried like a backpack. Weaved strips are attached to the left and right side of the base and a thinner, "s" shaped weaved rope runs along the top of the artifact keeping the top from falling off. Four corners of the artifact are made of bamboo and are attached to the wooden base. The top of the four corners are connected to a running strip of wood that wraps around the top of the artifact. The wooden strips are secured by a weaving, holding them together. The body of the artifact consists of thin strips that are herring bone woven. The rim of the lid is made of a wooden strip. It is attached to the body of the lid with a running strip weaving them together. The body of the lid is herring bone weaved. The bottom of the straps are tied in knots to keep from getting unattached from the base. The straps are woven and get thicker as they run up the artifact. The straps end with woven loops.

Accession Number 2008-1