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Undergraduate Micro-Credentials

Graduate Micro-Credentials

  • Concept of decision making - a woman surrounded by arrows of different colors

    Business Management Decision Making

    Successful business leaders have the skills to make confident, informed decisions.

  • Red paper airplane leading a group of white paper airplanes

    Leadership in the Public Sector

    Stay focused on professionalism, effectiveness, ethics and fairness as you serve the public as a leader or manager.

  •  Keyboard key that reads Disaster Recovery Plan

    Disaster Readiness

    When uncertainty strikes, preparation saves lives. Become more aware of and prepared for both natural and man-made disasters with relevant knowledge, skills and strategies.

  • Farming equipment working in a field

    Rural Leadership

    Develop an understanding of challenges facing rural communities, then become part of the solution.

  • People of diverse backgrounds joining hands

    Navigating the Diverse Workplace

    A diverse and inclusive workforce is necessary to drive innovation, foster creativity, and encourage new ways of thinking.

  • Red paper boat crossing in front of a group of white paper boats

    Leading People and Change

    Learn about leading people and change initiatives in business.

  • Man sitting at a desk meditating

    Mindfulness Fundamentals

    Develop a personal mindfulness practice for use in your area of study. Explore mindfulness and the benefit of daily applications, regardless of the field.


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