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Undergraduate Micro-Credentials

  • A couple shopping at flea market

    Cultural Resource Management, CRM

    In an age of constant advancement, deliberate preservation of cultural concepts, artifacts and languages is imperative.

  • Facade of City Hall and decorations during traditional spring Slovenian carnival - Kurentovanje. Located in town square. Ptuj, Slovenia, Europe.

    Ethnographic Research Methods

    Provides powerful strategic insight into human behavior and our current culture.

  • Side view portrait of woman hanging paintings on wall while planning art gallery exhibition

    Museum Studies

    Get started in museum studies.

  • A family of monkeys looking around


    Learn about our closest living relatives: non-human primates.

  • Pride parade with rainbow flag in the city

    LGBTQIA+ Studies

    Examine the social construction and regulation of sexuality and sexual identities, and how this knowledge will impact your chosen career path.

Graduate Micro-Credentials

  • A woman visitor in the historical museum looking at pictures

    Museum Education

    Learn to create and implement educational programming in museums and historic sites.

  • Man with documents in archive

    Archive Specialist

    Learn to preserve and index artifacts for the future.

  • A museum, exhibition hall, interior visualization

    Designing Experiences in Museums

    Learn to build accurate displays and environments to engage and educate the public.

  • A paleontologist brushes a rounded ovoid fossil in a desert

    Artifact Care Specialist

    Prepare to manage museum collections and historic sites.

  • Paper silhouettes of people in rainbow colors

    LGBTQIA+ Cultural Competency for Professionals

    Unlock a competitive edge in your career by enrolling in the LGBTQIA+ Cultural Competency for Professionals micro-credential. Designed for graduate students across a range of disciplines, this pair of courses will empower you with the expertise to skillfully analyze complex LGBTQIA+ issues, cultivate inclusive solutions, and communicate effectively within diverse professional settings.


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