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Undergraduate Micro-Credentials

Graduate Micro-Credentials

  • A mediator listens to a group conversation

    Social Entrepreneurship

    Learn how to support those in need and effect social change.

  • Man sitting at a desk meditating

    Mindfulness Fundamentals

    Develop a personal mindfulness practice for use in your area of study. Explore mindfulness and the benefit of daily applications, regardless of the field.

  • A family group picture - a man wears camouflage

    Serving Veterans and Families

    Prepare to work more effectively with veterans transitioning to non-military workplaces and settings, and their families.

  • An instructor demonstrates CPR on a dummy

    Educating Health Professionals

    Health workers are an undersupplied resource in the Northern Kentucky region, and educators are necessary to help meet that employment need.

  • A younger woman takes notes while speaking with an older woman

    Gerontology: Dynamics of Aging

    Learn about various aspects of aging, the implications of aging on individual development, and perception and treatment of older adults.

  • A person wearing a dark hoodie hides their face

    Trauma-Focused Care

    For clinicians and educators who wish to understand how trauma heals, how unhealed trauma affects people’s lives, and techniques and treatment models based on new neuro-biologic research around trauma.

  • Researchers examine data on a tablet

    Clinical Research

    Prepare for a career in clinical research.

  • A woman writes on a clipboard while speaking with a young girl

    Forensic Social Work

    Understand the relationship between social work and the legal system.


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