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About This Micro-Credential

The Spanish flag

Gain a more sophisticated understanding of Spanish through in-depth examination of complex linguistic structures. The micro-credential in Next-Step Spanish provides students with linguistic skills and professional and cultural knowledge applicable to a wide variety of professions, both domestic and international.

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Skills You Will Gain

Foreign Languages


Professional Skills

Cultural Knowledge

Oral and Written Communication


Speaking Spanish

Spanish Culture

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop speaking, writing, reading, listening and cultural skills in Spanish at an advanced level.
  • Apply language skills and cultural knowledge to work and professional contexts.
  • Increase knowledge of the cultures associated with the language of study through more in-depth examination of specific areas such as art, history or immigration.

Required Courses

  • SPI 304 - Composition and Conversation

Linguistics skills course (choose one):

  • SPI 307 - Introduction to Translation
  • SPI 401 - Phonetics and Pronunciation
  • SPI 402 - Advanced Grammar and Syntax

Professional skills course (choose one):

  • WLL 396 - World Languages and Literatures Internship
  • SPI 340 - Business Language
  • WLL 294 - Language for the Professions

Cultural knowledge course (choose one):

  • SPI 310 - Spanish Culture and Society Today
  • SPI 311 - Spanish Cultural History
  • SPI 330 - Studies in Spanish Language Cinema
  • SPI 480 - Studies in Spanish & Spanish-American Culture

Please note: Students with prior study of the language can take the WebCAPE placement test to test into 102 or higher courses, and receive free retroactive credit for the courses they skip as part of our World Language Incentive Program (WLIP).

Offered in face-to-face format


Jennifer Bachner, PhD
Dr. Caryn Connelly
Next-Step Spanish, First semester offered: Fall 2019


Northern Kentucky University
Local: +1 (859) 572-5825