Online micro-credentials can demonstrate your mastery of relevant workplace skills, abilities and competencies, which is professionally invaluable not only to you, but also to your employer. NKU micro-credentials may be displayed on online platforms—including your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook pages—as well as on your resume as you look to secure a job or advance professionally.

Category (only shown in edit mode) Program Undergraduate Graduate Professional
comm American Sign Language, ASL [check]    
socsci,arts Archive Specialist   [check]  
socsci,arts Artifact Care Specialist   [check]  
lead,biz Business Management Decision Making   [check]  
infotech Cloud Computing IT   [check]  
socsci,arts Cultural Resource Management, CRM [check]    
infotech Cybersecurity   [check]  
socsci,arts Designing Experiences in Museums   [check]  
lead Disaster Readiness   [check]  
edu Economics and Financial Literacy Education [check] [check]  
hoc,edu Educating Health Professionals   [check]  
socsci Ethnographic Research Methods [check]    
edu Environmental Education [check] [check]  
hoc Family Support for Childhood Illness   [check]  
hoc Forensic Social Work [check] [check]  
hoc Fundamentals of Mindfulness   [check]  
hoc Gerontology: Dynamics of Aging [check] [check]  
infotech Get Started in IT   [check]  
infotech GIS and Mapping [check] [check]  
leade Leadership Development [check]    
leade Leadership in the Public Sector   [check]  
infotech Mobile App Development   [check]  
socsci,arts Museum Education   [check]  
socsci,arts Museum Studies [check]    
edu,infotech Navigating Professional Research [check]    
lead,comm Navigating the Diverse Workplace   [check]  
arts Next-Step French [check]    
arts Next-Step German [check]    
arts Next-Step Japanese [check]    
arts Next-Step Spanish [check]    
infotech Oracle Database Administration   [check]  
socsci Primatology [check]    
infotech Process & Project Management   [check]  
infotech Programming Fundamentals   [check]  
lead Rural Leadership [check] [check]  
edu Sports Values and Cultural Impact [check]    
arts Start Speaking French
arts Start Speaking German
arts Start Speaking Japanese
arts Start Speaking Spanish
hoc Trauma-Focused Care   [check]  
edu Understanding Gifted & Talented Youth   [check]  
hoc Serving Veterans and Families
infotech Web Development   [check]  
env Wetlands Management     [check]
comm Workplace Communication   [check]  


We are always working to add new micro-credential programs. If you don’t find a micro-credential listed in an area that interests you or your employer, please let us know by contacting us at microcredentials@nku.edu.