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About This Micro-Credential

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There is a vibrant environment of community and economic development professionals who promote job creation/retention, neighborhood revitalization, and community sustainability in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati region. These professionals work for local and state governments as well as non-profit development corporations to increase the standard of living for people in this region. This micro-credential is based on the theories and best practices in the field of development and will prepare earners to work for a variety of public and non-profit organizations. 

Learn How to Apply

Skills You Will Gain

Community Development

Economic Development

Economic Planning

Regional Development

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe key concepts and theories of community development and economic development.
  • Apply analytical methods for community and economic development planning.
  • Examine how the Asset-Based Community Development approach can be applied in community development and economic development.
  • Examine how national and state policies influence community development and economic development.

Required Courses

  • PAD 560 - Community Development
  • PAD 561 - Local Economic Development
    Offered in face-to-face format.


Jennifer Bachner, PhD
Dr. Darrin Wilson
Community and Economic Development, First semester offered: Spring 2023