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About This Micro-Credential

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Gerontology is the study of social, psychological, biological, cognitive and cultural aspects of aging, and it commonly intersects with a wide variety of fields. With populations aging worldwide, the demand for professionals with expertise in aging is growing rapidly.

The Gerontology: Dynamics of Aging micro-credential undergraduate program is designed for students who are interested in learning about the older adult population and/or seek career opportunities serving this demographic population.

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Skills You Will Gain

Older Adults

Resources for Older Adults

Aging and Senior Care


Learning Outcomes

  • Describe normal aging processes and developmental tasks of older adults.
  • Understand a broad range of theories around contemporary issues in aging related to practice with older adults and their families.
  • Compare the various dynamics of diverse older adults and their caregivers.
  • Identify the major theories related to later life development.
  • Explain ethics and values specific to the older adult population.
  • Recognize the changing treatment needs of older adults.

Required Courses

  • ANT 375 - Anthropology of Aging OR SOC 342 - Sociology of Aging
  • HSR 314 - Death, Dying, and Grief OR PHI/REL 371 - Death and the Afterlife
  • NEU 101 - Neuroscience for Life: From Sex to Society OR SOC 480 - Global Aging Issues and Policies
  • ANT 375, PHI/REL 371, NEU 101, and SOC 480 are offered face-to-face. SOC 342 and HSR 314 are offered online. 


Jennifer Bachner, PhD
Dr. Suk-hee Kim
Gerontology: Dynamics of Aging, First semester offered: Fall 2019


Northern Kentucky University
Local: +1 (859) 572-5825