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About This Micro-Credential

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Aging & Society is the study of the changes that occur in adults as they age, the ways in which society changes with an aging population, and aging policy and legislation affecting older adult programs. People are living longer and populations are aging worldwide.

The Aging & Society micro-credential is designed for students who are interested in learning about the older adult population and/or seek career opportunities serving this demographic population.

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Skills You Will Gain

Older Adults

Resources for Older Adults

Aging and Senior Care


Learning Outcomes

  • Describe normal aging processes and developmental tasks of older adults.
  • Understand a broad range of theories around contemporary issues in aging related to practice with older adults and their families.
  • Compare the various dynamics of diverse older adults and their caregivers.
  • Identify the major theories related to later life development.
  • Explain ethics and values specific to the older adult population.
  • Recognize the changing treatment needs of older adults.

Required Courses

  • ANT 375 - Anthropology of Aging OR SOC 342 - Sociology of Aging
  • HSR 314 - Death, Dying, and Grief OR PHI/REL 371 - Death and the Afterlife
  • NEU 101 - Neuroscience for Life: From Sex to Society OR SOC 480 - Global Aging Issues and Policies

ANT 375, PHI/REL 371, NEU 101, and SOC 480 are offered face-to-face, SOC 342 and HSR 314 are offered online


Jennifer Bachner, PhD
Dr. Suk-hee Kim
Aging & Society, First semester offered: Fall 2019


Northern Kentucky University
Local: +1 (859) 572-5825