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About This Micro-Credential

A teacher assists a student with painting and coloring with pencils

Individuals will gain an understanding of the nature and needs of gifted and high-ability youth. Expand professional skills to provide optimal educational experiences that fully engage gifted learners.

Learn How to Apply

Skills You Will Gain

Gifted and Talented Education

Gifted and Talented Youth

Developing Curriculum and Teaching Guidelines

Pedagogy and Teaching Methodology

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain experience in recognizing the characteristics and needs of gifted and talented youth from diverse backgrounds.
  • Develop strategies to support the social and emotional development of gifted youth.
  • Design curriculum and apply instructional strategies that enhance gifted students’ learning.
  • Advocate for gifted learners to a variety of stakeholders.

Required Courses

  • EDG 621 - Introduction to Gifted Education
  • EDG 623 - Teaching Creative and Higher Level Thinking
  • EDG 625 - School Programs for Gifted Children
  • EDG 627 - Seminar and Field Experience in Gifted Education

Offered in online format


Dr. Kimberly Clayton-Code
Understanding Gifted & Talented Youth, First semester offered: Spring 2018


Northern Kentucky University
Local: +1 (859) 572-5825