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The SOTA Community Showcase Atrium is an open community space - community being our community of students, our community on campus, and our community outside of campus and beyond. The Atrium will host K-12 and community art clubs, student, faculty, and staff work, and so much more.


Monday through Sunday, 7 a.m. – 11 p.m.


The SOTA Community Showcase Atrium is located on the second floor of the Fine Arts Center near the Corbett Theatre.

Current Exhibition

Black and white photograph of landscape

Mark Albain: "Gates of Eden"

Opened Jan. 18, 2021

Part of "Scenes from Nowhere" exhibition

Mark Albain is an Artist, Educator, and Custom Framer living and working in Cincinnati, OH. His experience with the photographic medium lends itself to a sensitive presentation of passage and an interest in the language of connection and distance in the photographic space. Along with his partner Jessica Whittington, they operate a Bespoke Framing and Design Studio called Objectif Alchemy with the mission of creating intentional collaborations with Artists, Collectors, and Institutions for curation and framing solutions.


Past Exhibitions

The Emotional Force of Race: An Exhibition and Call for Creative Response

Curated in true collaboration by Joan Ferrante (Sociology) and India Hackle (English-Creative Writing)

Sept. 30, 2020 – April 15, 2021

Every person in the U.S. feels the weight of race through unprocessed emotions: anxiety, defensiveness, resentment, rage, longing, exhaustion. Too often these emotions are bottled up, pushed down, or released without relief. The Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories (MCRC) Project and the School of the Arts (SOTA) collaborate to explore the roots of these emotions, which have entangled us for over 400 years and still weigh us down. This exhibition invites us to wrestle with them; to reflect on what to do with them. We know that wrestling and reflection can energize and bring new responses.

The MCRC Project invites visual, performing and literary artists to submit proposals describing something they will create that will inspire audiences to engage with the emotions of race—their historical roots and contemporary manifestations.  To qualify for funding, the proposals must align with the mission of the MCRC Project.

For more information go to The MCRC Project website.