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About This Micro-Credential

Farming equipment working in a field

The Rural Leadership micro-credential is applicable across multiple fields, including education, health, government and social service, and functions for both undergraduate and graduate students. Courses examine contemporary issues facing rural communities and utilize research and feedback to create and implement practical improvement action plans.

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Skills You Will Gain

Rural Leadership

Public Policy

Rural Education

Development of Educational Opportunities

Rural Health

Rural Healthcare

Rural Government

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe, in written format, contemporary issues and trends in rural education and public policy.
  • Critically evaluate current literature in the fields of rural education, health and/or government.
  • Produce a research paper for advanced investigation and/or publication in a professional journal.
  • Engage the perspectives and ideas of new colleagues through a variety of online, discussion venues, such as blogs and discussion forums.
  • Create an "Action Plan" that addresses an area of need within the individual student's context.

Required Courses

  • EDU 534 - Rural Leadership and Progress
  • EDU 535 -  Rural Field Implementation

Offered in online format


Jennifer Bachner, PhD
Dr. Doug Feldmann
Rural Leadership, First semester offered:  Fall 2018


Northern Kentucky University
Local: +1 (859) 572-5825