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University News

  • Hannah Miller portrait

    Student Spotlight: Hannah Miller

    “NKU is what you make of it. Dream big, put yourself out there and create your story. If you want to have a new experience and learn more about yourself, go for it—this is the perfect time and place!”

  • Shraddha Dhakal

    31 Wise Women: Shraddha Dhakal

    "She is a role model and has helped students to get the resources that we need to have a fruitful stay at NKU."

  • Javance Sinclair stands in front of office in Student Union.

    Creating a Culture of Care

    “There are some students that I’ve seen come through our process that are now in their senior year or have graduated. I’m proud to know that I’ve been a part of helping them understand what they value, how that aligns with the university’s values and how they can move forward in attaining a degree.”

  • Aryan Shrestha

    Excelsior Award Winner: Aryan Shrestha

    "My parents always wanted me to get a degree, and I am very happy that my parents’ wishes are going to come true."