With technology and thoughtfully designed space, we simulate real-life health care situations like interviewing a patient, reading an X-ray, or administering an injection. The St. Elizabeth Healthcare Simulation Center features seven simulation rooms including an operating room and intensive care unit. Well prepared nurses, respiratory therapists, and radiological technologists are critical in emergency situations. The spaces for practice, as described below, allow for exploration and learning in a safe environment.


Radiology suite with Dean of College of Health Professions demonstrating to NKU President Ashish Vaidya.

Radiology Suite

This suite consists of six labs, including a state-of-the-art operating room. Equipment includes small and large computer radiography, small and large digital radiology, and advanced imaging.


Nursing Skills Labs

These two areas combine the atmosphere of a hospital environment with sophisticated learning technology instrumental for student success. The “patients” are recipients of a variety of nursing interventions, including body repositioning, injections, intravenous catheters, feeding tubes, wound care, and oxygenation therapy.

Health Assessment Lab

This area allows students to learn and practice assessment and interview techniques.

Functional Living Lab

This lab simulates a home-health environment with a kitchen, living area, bed, and bathroom. Students can practice working with patients on activities of daily living and professors monitor students from an observation room.

Respiratory Lab

This lab includes three high fidelity simulators and the equipment needed to train students to provide respiratory care in hospital, home, and surgery settings.

Standardized Patient Rooms

Standardized Patient Rooms

We have 8 Standardized Patient rooms that simulate care of a patient in an outpatient setting such as clinic or provider office.

Nurse Anesthesia Lab

Nurse Anesthesia Lab

This lab is designed specifically for the Nurse Anesthesia Program to provide hands-on training.


Simulation Center Staff