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Preparation for clinical experiences begins in the first course and continues throughout the program. It is each student's responsibility to familiarize themselves with the process of identifying a preceptor, securing a clinical site, and completing an affiliation agreement. It is important you are aware of your roles, responsibilities, and the timeline of completing the various tasks for which you are responsible. Your clinical compliance team, academic advisor, concentration coordinator, and faculty are available to assist throughout your journey. 

To keep track of important deadlines, please make sure to review both your MSN Concentration canvas shell as well as the MSN Clinical Information Canvas. ***Check to see your notification settings on Canvas. You will want to be notified by email about all announcements in your MSN Concentration Shell and MSN Clinical Canvas to make sure you’re aware of upcoming deadlines or process changes.


To enroll in your concentration Canvas shell, please use the appropriate link below:

PMHNP students:

FNP students:

AGNP students:

ACAGNP students:

NED students:

NEL students:


MSN Clinical Information Canvas:


Need Assistance with Clinical Concerns?

Academic Advisor: Your academic advisor will help you understand your program of study, course load and course sequencing.  They can provide you with details and advice about your specific situation. 

Who is my Advisor?

Contracts and Compliance: Your Contracts and Compliance team member will work on the contracts and compliance portion of self-placement requests submitted to Medatrax. They can assist with questions regarding Medatrax or PreCheck/Sentry. They also are responsible for finalizing the entire placement once all three portions have been reviewed and approved. You should receive an official approval email through the Medatrax system after this occurs.

You can always check with your C&C team member if you are not sure who to go to for help with a situation – they will assist you in determining who will be able to get the answers you need.  

Who is my assigned Contract & Compliance team member? 

If you do not know who you are assigned to, use this list as a general guide (you will be informed of the correct person if necessary): 

FNP Amanda Steinbrunner
PMHNP Matt Hoctor
NED, NEL, AGACNP, AGNP Melinda Zickefoose

*Our MSN Student Placement Team can assist you with general placement questions at This is also the email you contact if you have questions about placement assistance from NKU (more details on this are in the MSN Clinical Information Canvas.)

*Your Clinical Instructor is the best resource for course specific
questions.  Your instructor will show on your MyNKU under “Class Schedule”
and also on Canvas when your course opens up.

*Information on Clinical Coordinators and Concentration Coordinators can be found on the MSN Clinical Information Canvas under "Who to Contact for Assistance with Clinical Concerns". These coordinators assist with various functions such as specialized questions in your clinical concentration and preceptor review in Medatrax. Before contacting your Concentration Coordinator: Please check your MSN Concentration Canvas shell for specific clinical and preceptor requirements for your

For additional questions, please email