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Janice Mabry Cantrall

Janice Mabry Cantrall became a registered nurse at the age of 20 after completing a hospital-based nurse training program.

At the age of 35 and with four children, she went back to school and earned her bachelor's of nursing and master's of nursing degrees and had a long and successful career as a nurse educator and administrator.

Read Janice's biography and learn how she fell in love with nursing and nursing education.


How to Donate

Tax-deductible contributions to the Janice Mabry Cantrall Nursing Scholarship may be made by check or by participating in the Kroger Community Rewards Program (NPO number 23317).


Make checks payable to the NKU Foundation, Inc. and include Janice Mabry Cantrall Nursing Scholarship in the memo line.

For more information please contact Shelly Deavy, Assistant Vice President of Development at



Janice Mabry Cantrall Nursing Scholarship

Mrs. Cantrall's family established this scholarship in 2013 to honor her life and professional career as well as to assist students who, like Janice, return to school to pursue nursing dreams.

Janice Mabry Cantrall Nursing Scholarship recipients:

2015-16:  Kelley Mcgarvey
2016-17:  Xiangyue Wu
2017-18:  Justin Mohr
2018-19:  Madison Melnick
2019-20:  Emily Lowe
2020-21:  Jacob Bush
2021-22:  Megan Schilling


Read more about Scholarship Criteria and how to apply below.



Janice Mabry Cantrall Excellence in Leadership Award

The Cantrall family created this award in 2014 to recognize a student who demostrates the potential to achieve the same high quality of leadership in nursing that was the hallmark of Janice's nursing career. As a long-time nurse, nurse educator, and nurse administrator, Janice earned her advanced degrees while juggling family and work.  She was also a profosser at NKU.   

Janice Mabry Cantrall Excellence in Leadership Award recipients:

2014-15:  Hannah Kelley
2015-16:  Kelly Spradling
2016-17:  Emily Engels
2017-18:  Jacquelyn Brown
2018-19:  Stephanie Benner-Perry
2019-20:  Jennifer Lafleur
2020-21:  Michael Murphy

2021-22:  Emily Gay

 Read more about the award.