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Northern Kentucky University Human Performance Laboratory


The Human Performance Laboratory at Northern Kentucky University is prepared to provide an analysis and interpretation of physiological and biomechanical data to improve health, fitness and performance. This multifaceted lab provides a space for teaching, research and service. If you are interested in what the Human Performance Lab can provide you, please feel free to contact us for details.  

Contact information:
Dr. Jason White
(859) 572-6082 |

Performance Testing Services

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Expert Consultation

All of our services come with a basic explanation of results. It is assumed that you have a personal trainer or coach to assist you in utilizing those results. If a more thorough explanation is warranted on what the results mean and how to best use the results to improve fitness or performance, a consultation can be arranged with one of our exercise physiologists.


Body Composition

Body Composition

Air Displacement Plethysmography – Utilizing the BodPod system, this simple 3-minute test provides a measurement of lean mass, fat mass, % body fat, and estimates of daily energy requirements. Tight fitting clothing is all that is needed.

Skinfolds – Measurement of skin thickness in various parts of the body using skinfold calipers can determine % body fat, lean mass, and fat mass. The thickness of the skinfolds alone can also be used to gauge positive body composition changes over time.

Metabolic Testing

Metabolic Testing

Resting Metabolic Rate – Knowing your body’s energy needs is important for overall body composition and performance. This begins with a measurement of resting metabolic rate. This 20-minute test will measure your body’s oxygen use at rest to determine caloric needs. Results can then be used to determine daily caloric needs.

VO2 submaximal testing – Calories expended during exercise depends on how efficient you are at a given intensity. If you’ve ever wondered about the accuracy of aerobic exercise equipment in estimating Calorie expenditure, your Calorie needs based on your efficiency, or what fuel you are burning at a given heart rate, this basic exercise test can help you learn more.

Endurance Performance

Endurance Performance

Aerobic/Anaerobic Threshold – Identifying the various metabolic thresholds that occur as exercise intensity increases can provide you with the means to develop efficient training programs and racing plans. Completed using gas analysis.

VO2max testing – We measure your oxygen consumption as you push your aerobic system to its max. The data collected can be used to help set intensities for training, determine the effectiveness of a training program, or predict performance in certain endurance events. Based on your needs we will choose a protocol that gets the most out of your exercise test.