*This program will be enrolling for Fall 2019*


Radiation therapists are health care professionals who use various types of ionizing radiation to treat disease — primarily cancer. As a student in the radiation therapy program, you will learn about human anatomy, radiation physics, the physiology of cancer as well as the operating procedures of the treatment machines used to deliver the radiation.


The radiation therapy program at NKU provides students the opportunity to enter into a rapidly advancing field, poised on the cutting-edge scientific progress, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, in a growing profession that offers a fulfilling and promising future. 

Graduates can find employment in hospitals and outpatient cancer centers. Career advancement opportunities, with additional education and experience, include medical dosimetry, management and administration.

Program Contact Information

Carolyn Hollan, M.S., R.T. (R) (T) ARRT
Program Director, Department of Allied Health



At NKU, we believe that learning is not confined to the classroom, which is why our radiation therapy program includes clinical practicum courses in seven semesters of the program.

While at the hospital/outpatient center, students deliver radiation treatments to patients under the supervision of registered therapists and physicians employed at the clinical sites.

The radiation therapy program is affiliated with 14 hospitals/outpatient cancer centers in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati/Dayton area.